The Yuan-ti of Lor'quhan are snake people, crafted by the Silent One, and are almost as nefarious and scheming as their maker. Despite this, they aren't even aware of his existence, instead worshiping the fictitious goddess Yuan who is in fact Sassriss in disguise. Yuan-ti, though they themselves believe the name means 'children of the serpent', literally translates to 'deceived by a proxy'.

To understand Yuan-ti culture, you must first understand that the society is ruled over by 13 immortal anathema, who have unlimited wealth and power. The only way to become an anathema is to bathe in one's blood. As such, of Yuan-ti politics revolves around two things: killing, and trying not to be killed. Yuan-ti poor and non-influential enough can usually avoid a knife in the back, but once you enter the realms of 'noble' things become far more cut throat. In theory, the yuan-ti who weren't anathema would be safe from all but the anathema, but political rivals find it much easier to kill competition before they make a run for the grand prize rather than after. Yuan-ti turn their mansions into dungeon delves, fortifying themselves in their homes lest enemies who see them as interference to their own plans sneak in and do them in. The anathema's mansions are the most fortified of all, having reputations worthy of legendary dungeons for those who foolishly enter uninvited. Of course yuan-ti forge alliances where they share common goals, but such alliances often end with one member of it having a rather sporting knife in their back once that goal has been reached. A yuan-ti who hesitates to kill is a dead yuan-ti.

Yuan-ti usually give way to merchants that visit their homes, they need goods as much as anyone else after all. Adventurers however, are more at peril in a yuan-ti city than in a dungeon. Yuan-ti are well aware of an adventurers almost supernatural ability to break the status quo, so those with little influence seek their aid while those with great influence and thus with no need of help seek to have them assassinated. Adventurers that don't seek out the game of yuan-ti politics often find themselves dragged into it at knife point.

Racial Information:

Base Power: 3 (4 for anathemas)

Nourishes: 0

Techs: 0

Nations: None