Yamala Territory, heart of Legion territory.

Yamala Territory
Yamala City
Myconids, Humans, Tieflings, Halflings, Elves, Unbonded Lycans
2x Nourish (3511).
Theme Songs
Wilderness - Ai no Uta
Yamala City - Breakbeat Forest
Sekaris - Opressed Swamp Dub
Shalaron - Floating Islands of Grand Beach Manitoba

Yamala Territory, also known as the Great Swap, the Dank Swamp, and in some cases, Malbrig's Dank Swamp, is the large swamp to the immediate south west of the center of the Dragon's Talon mountains. A majority of it is land, but large sections are filled with various depths of water. Travel through the territory is easy due to the effects of the Wander Way.

The swamp is patrolled by several group of Tieflings and Humans known collectively as the Great Swamp Defense Force. They are formally lead by Kehcpank, but he leaves the operations of each group in the hands of the separate groups almost all the time. Only followers of Kalosh and Lazarus have anything to fear from the GSDF.