Yamala City, capital of the Yamala Territory, heart of Legion territory.

Gulik, other Prime Myconids from time to time.
Myconids, Humans, Tieflings, Halflings, Elves, Unbonded Lycans
2x Nourish (3271, 3497), Artifact (3511).
Creation Artifact City
Theme Song
Main City - Breakbeat Forest
Inner Foundry - Cid In The Factory

Yamala is a city built within the great swamp. The city is primarily built on the land, but many sections of the city are flooded with several inches of water. Buildings, for those that need them, are often shaped out of the trees in the elven tradition, but not always.

The city is primarily protected by a combination of many Shambling Guardains and many powerful clerics. The city defense also has members of other classes, but they're a minority.

The myconids of the city (a plurality of its population) don't actually eat, so the city is able to create a great excess of food. Yamala regularly gifts or trades the spare food to nearby settlements for various resources as needed.