God Information
Name: Velt
Player: Nerdzul
Domains: Earth
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Alignment: Unaligned
Pantheon: Elemental
Holy Symbol: A coin with a stylized dragon.
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Appearance: A wingless obsidian dragon.

Velt is the 3rd Lord of Creation


The god appears as wingless obsidian dragon, with gemstone eyes, barely visible veins of magma and precious metals and a long white and golden beard, he can shapechange, occasionally assuming the form of an obsidian titan or a complex crystalline structure.


Velt was created by the goddess Ebel arm, she that was attempting to put order in the chaos of the elements, and asked the newborn Velt to oversee the domain of earth.


The second offspring of Ebel, Velt was created with the purpose of overseeing the elemental earth, fully absorbed by his purpose the god developped the idea that Earth and actually matter in general, litterally belong to him.

Velt was the maker of the first world, giving it a form from the chaotic matter, imposing his own view of cosmic order to it, giving it a form that he considered perfect, only to see it ruined by his sister Djjal, a thing that is still a source of animosity between the earth and wind goddess.

When Ebel finally died Velt was among the gods that decided to take her duty in guarding the Gate of Creation, and the one that proposed the creation of an alliance between the elemental goddess offsprings.

When the Garden of the Gods was created, Velt decided to provide it with guardians, servants of the gods actually, designed to do the "things that are below our attention", forging the Titans with his sister support.

Unsatisfied with the fleshly and "weak" living bodies of the Titans, that proved to be vulnerable to hunger and need, the god decided to remove their living sides, turning them into unliving golem-like creatures, causing a "plague of stone" to diffuse among them, oblivious to the fact that he was inflicting an extreme pain to his creation.