Ueberroth was the third god of Galara, and the progenitor of aberrations.

Information BlockEdit

Name: Ueberroth

Domain: Ocean, Aberrations, Knowledge, Arcane Power.

Alignment: Unalined

Appearance: When he chooses to, Ueborroth manifests as an undulating, oozelike mass, many miles to a side. Since his primary site of manifestation is in his oceans, this is no problem. Many thousands of eyes and tentacles dot his enormous hulking form, and often two or more combine to form larger ones for whatever purpose necessary, before splitting into many hundreds more. When size is a limitation, Ueborroth manifests as a squidlike terror, a floating mass of tentacles, or an enormous eye - but no matter his form, two features remain prolific - tentacles and eyes.

Symbol: The symbol of Ueborroth is a cyan rune in the shape of an oval within a circle, joined by three lines between them (spaced equally apart). When drawn stylistically, most choose to depict the outer circle as composed of tentacles.

Status: Inactive


Primordial Aboleth




Not Available