God Information
Name: Tsiyoti, The Roaring Wave
Player: Topheh
Domains: Water
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Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Pantheon: Elementals
Holy Symbol: A Crashing Wave
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Appearance: Formerly, a bloodstreaked orb. Currently a giant of bone-white coral. Eventually, an old man made of coral.
Elemental Barrier, Abozu
Titans (Coral),
Sea Serpents
Tsiyoti's Boon (in the Sea of Daj), The Garden of Statues in The Western Sea

Tsiyoti is the 6th Lord of Creation


Formerly, An orb of water, roughly twenty feet in diameter, streaked with blood.

Currently, a titan of about two hundred feet in height made of bone-white coral.


Tsiyoti was born of the blood of the heart of Ebel as it sank into the dark waters beneath the world. The heart continued to fall, but the blood animated the water about it, and Tsiyoti was born.


Born of the last act of Ebel, Tsiyoti quickly rose to the surface to join her elemental brethren, quickly finding himself to be the smallest of his siblings. A firm supported of Isura's plan to limit access to the Gate to only the Children of Ebel (although Isura would not call herself one), Tsiyoti helped to create the mountain and the barrier around the Garden.