The Travel domain currently belongs to Gadabout; it is his first domain and he embodies the concept himself.


Gadabout ‘’is’’ travel. He is the path that mortals take, he is the way one gets from point A to point B.

As the god of Travel, Gadabout is ceaselessly on the move and often those who have been touched by him likewise will journey in life. He promotes travel in the world, seeking to aid others on their paths, both literal and metaphysical.

While on occasion the Travel domain allows Gadabout to change the paths of elements of other domains -- the path of a beast, the course a river might take -- this is a lesser control and the rightful owner of those domains can easily supersede his influence.

Several things in the world have been touched by Travel, chief among those are the Halflings, the WanderWay, Sigil, and the Stars.