The Legion is the name for all the plants of Galara. The connected minds are strong enough to take actions on the deific scale, even though they have no "leader" to act as a directing god for other gods to speak with. The closest to a leader that they currently have is either Gilardifolkbin or the Prime Myconids. At one time, the legion was controlled by Malbrig, but he died.


Plants (1620), Agriculture (2162), Metal (2995), Tranquility (3300), Oversoul (4312)
Physical Appearance
Unlike "actual" gods, The Legion doesn't manifest as a spirit with an appearance.
A vertical line (usually green) with two smaller lines that branch off at the midpoint of the primary line, at a 45 degree angle to each side. More elaborate patterns can also be used based off of this basic shape.



  • Yamala Territory - The south-eastern swamp, also known to some as the Great Swamp, or Dank Swamp.
  • South Point Territory - encompassing half of the Southern Talon, and everything south and east of there.