The Star domain currently belongs to Gadabout.


The Star Domain grants the domain-holder power over the stars. In their current form, the Stars are gateways leading to unknown realms. Gadabout caused these gates to glow with other-worldly light and he gave them a mild consciousness to watch the world below. He organized them into constellations and set them to move about the sky in order to act as signs to direct travelers.

Being a cooperative god, Gadabout is quite happy for any deity to create their own constellations in the sky, though each comes under his ultimate control.

Gadabout and Ra'Ver-Alec mixed the Star and Fate domains, respectively, to create Astrology.

Gadabout has also imbued an exarch, Panoptes, with the Star domain, grating the creature a degree of control over the domain only rivaled by his master. The star domain manifests itself in Panoptes in the form of pupil-less eyes covering his body, all of which radiate the same otherworldly light as the stars themselves.