Sha'Thrina is an Astral Dominion.


The plane is a never ending wilderness with green skies. Mighty spires dot the landscape, the oldest in existence.

The Spires touch the mortal world, and through them those gifted by Thrael'kriss may travel.

The Astral Sea also touches this plane.


Sha'thrina was created by Thrael'kriss in ages past, even before the existence of the Astral Sea, as the response to constant encroachment on his territory by the servants of other gods. He tore the jungle he had created in Galara from its place and transformed it into a new plane. There his people, the Lycanthropes, could hunt in peace.

It was in Sha'thrina that the great hunter wrestled with Ator and took back the domain of death.

When Adahan went mad, countless were killed in the mortal world and many spirits fled to Sha'thrina. Thrael'kriss sought the blessing of Ongor so that the spirits of his people might stay.