God Information
Name: Sa
Player: Raven-of-Dreams
Domains: Magic, Flowers, Promises
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Alignment: Unaligned
Holy Symbol: None
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Appearance: 10,000 petals from a vast assortment of flowering plants.
Sa is the god of Flowers, Promises, and Magic.


A whirling mass of petals and flower blossoms. These can either drift about in a lazy cyclone of air, or whirl tightly ano approximate the form of a more corporeal being. There is nothing stopping Sa from corporating more fully into the world, if it should so choose, but most of the time it chooses to remain slightly out of phase, and as such barely registers a physical presence.

Sa lacks a gender, and is generally dismissive/ambivalent about social norms (i.e., responding when spoken to, personal boundaries, general politeness (unless it is intended to be mocking), the concept of favors, etc.)

Sa takes great joy in manipulating its fellow gods, often using them to accomplish its current fancy, rather than exert the effort itself.

Sa is a god of culture. It is easygoing, and usually quite amicable. It does not seek to power or blind worship, and finds intriguing those (like itself) who break norms, whatever those might be. He loathes exploitation of any sort, and prefers comfort and peace of mind. Rather than outright conquer or obvious proselytizing, Sa would prefer to alter events until the primacy and utility of its worldview seems a foregone conclusion. Sa is reactionary and meticulous, not rash or impulsive. Sa places great pride on the value of spoken word, but true to its ephemeral nature, prefers the flexibility of promises to the strictness of oaths.


Sa entered the world when Leaf promised to honor Zebus in death, the power of that such that Sa was able to enter the world from... elsewhere. What this elsewhere might be, or what Sa might have done before leaving it for here, is unknown.

Sa isn't forthcoming on the matter.


Sa has taken a personal interest in a small group of humans that it has raised them away from the conflict of the Crown Valley, and into the sky, such that they are better situated to growing flowers (which Sa adores above all else).


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