The Re-forming of the World comes after The fall of Agrilnost

With the death of Agrilnost, nothing existed to hold sky and water apart. Without his power, the world threatened to collapse. Ongor and Myxiniron created a child, Defluo, who immediately vanished, while Adahan created Ley Lines, connected to all life on the world, now called Galara, to hold sky and earth apart. With the immediate crisis averted, the gods returned to infighting. Two factions formed, The Deep Lords, consisting of Ongor, Myxiniron, and Ueberroth, and the Duality, consisting of Khadesh and Thrael'kriss. Adahan maintained a much despised position as a peacemaker.

After the duality was formed Tzu'misel arrived forming the third part of the gods governing the mortal Trinity: Creation/recreation, sustenance, destruction, all under the watchful eye of Thrael'kriss.

Ator born from Agrilnost's body was born and proceeded to trick Thrael'kriss in a bid for the domain of death. Thrael'kriss who only understood and respected might, not contemptuous tricks refused to give up death. So Ator eventually took it.

Things ran smoothly until Khadesh touched upon the elder rage of Agrilnost in the form of a shard, and burned out. It should be mentioned that upon her creation Khadesh had a parallel twin in Pravus the ice lord, and founder of law. As Khadesh spiraled further and further into madness (creating the elemental chaos from a portion of reality constantly "burning" into its basest elements) Bael began to rise in power.

In a bid for godhood Bael convinced Pravus that Khadesh' chaos would destroy/taint the world. Khadesh came looking for Bael and Pravus sacrificed himself to destroy the first Khadesh by giving her the domain of cold. Having the domain of rebirth, she waved between existence and void for awhile before Tzu'misel and Thrael'kriss removed the domain of chaos from her system and gave it to the imprisoned Bael. Khadesh became Khavus Rein, goddess of fire and ice.

Enter The Age of Mortals.