The Chaos Within setting has many races, as seen below.


The Agni'Vohda are a race of living flame, originally created as servants of the fire god Agni but winning their freedom by assisting their god in a battle with TASOE.

Arctic ElvesEdit

The Arctic Elves appeared in the forests of the north, presumably evolving from the humans fleeing the Remorhaz. As a race, they specialize in fighting tactics such as ambushes and skirmishing.


The Dwarves were created by Thereus, from the bodies of dead humans. Given a task to set out in the world and find their way back to Thereus, many Dwarves live both above and under ground.

Galeb DuhrEdit

The Galeb Duhr are one of the oldest living races, created by Onus in the first days of creation. They were given the power of earth shaping by their parent god, who also created a home for them near The Crown.


The Humans were created by Sa as gifts to Artun, the god of vanity. They were originally created simply to worship Artun, but since have spread thoroughout the world.


The Nix are a anthropomorphic race composed of six different species that live within the crown. The Nix are composed of Polar Bears, Snow Wolves, Snow Leopards, Snow Foxes, Deer/Stag and Penguins. Despite the huge physical difference, they are all considered to be of the same race.

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