Pardeta, also known as the Traveling Island, is home to the only monastery in the world. It was created by Remiel, the Exarch of Gadabout.

Origin and DescriptionEdit

Originally Pardeta was part of the Agrilia continent, a spot of land near the Dragon's Talon mountains, where the watrs of the Silver River flowed. Remiel removed the land and made it into an island, leaving behind a great hole in the earth that filled with water and become known as Silver Lake.

Remiel placed the land in the southern ocean and caused it to not send roots into the ocean floor. Instead it would travel the oceans, as her master did.

The demigoddess reshaped the now-island, raising its surface to a great plateau with sheer cliffs, removing nearly all beaches and harbors. In their place she carved a single path into the cliff-face. This path ascended from a lone landing site, and she imbued this path with divine power so that its size would change depending on the one traveling on it, only allowing individuals to ascend to the monastery in single-file.

Remiel also turned most of the soil to stone, except for a healthy layer on the top, and she carved the island out with god-made chambers, corridors, and staircases. The island is hollowed out from top to bottom with these chambers, with the monks now use to store books.

The riverbed that used to be part of the Silver River is still there, dried up but fertile with mountain silt.

An old, withered strip of the WanderWay can be found on the island as well, but with no trade and few people using it to travel anywhere, it has faded in size and glory.

Currently its only residents are the monks of the monestary.


Origins: - Founded when Gadabout taught mortals in Agrilia to set themselves apart from the secular world and devote their lives to spiritual travel (3452).
Classes Available: None
Techs (Teach Actions): Monasticism (3452), Scholarship (4148)
Current Status: The monestary was founded in Agrilia, but one of Remiel's first acts in the world was to lift the very earth it was on and carry it to the sea, resulting in a lake forming where it had been, and also resulting in the Traveling Island, also known as Pardeta. Over the years, in order to aid themselves on their intellectual journey, the monks began to gather books and scrolls from across the world and store them in the god-carved caverns of the island. This has resulted in the monks beginning to study those works themselves to produce new texts with scholarly insight.

Gadabout placed the Cup of Paths in their inner sanctum, entrusting the artifact to the monastery so that it might guide and aid them.

PP Invested
1 PP from Shape Land (3465)
2 PP from Teaches (3452), (4148)
3 PP from Nourishes (3465), (4148), (4398)