Panoptes is the second exarch created by Gadabout

Information BlockEdit

Name: Panoptes, Demigod of the Stars

Alignment: Unaligned

Appearance: Panoptes is a hulking male humanoid with pale grey skin and pupil-less eyes covering his entire body. These eyes shine like beacons with the light of the stars.

Purpose: Panoptes is a standard Exarch who grants a +1 bonus to divine combat when he is present.


Gadabout formed Panoptes' body from earth and imbued the creature with the domain of the stars. At this time the creature took on its many-eyed appearance. The god of travels commanded this exarch to find Defluo, as he was needed to restore Tzu'Misel.

Panoptes found Defluo by defacing his moon. After passing along his master's message, he traveled to the Cult of Lucis -- Illithids who had come to worship Lucis and who had fled the falling of Silenia -- and began to guide them back towards inhabited lands.