The Lords of Creation is the first chapter of the story.

In the beginning, nothingness was all. Then Agrilnost, the divine father, appeared, created from plausibility. Agrilnost created existence, and the first Elder God. Ongor, Lord of Earth, and King of Souls. But Creation drew the attention of an evil, and so the second Elder God appeared. Ueberroth, a great tentacle covered horror, appeared. Then Thrael'kriss, Lord of Death, The Destroyer, and Master of the Cycle, was born. The creation of the Elder Gods was almost finished, Adahan, the Fallen One, came into existence. Adahan created a sun, and Thrael'kriss brought from Primordial Bulletes, Death Incarnate. Ongor created fearsome Purple Worms, and Ueberroth brought forth Chulls, Aboleths, and numerous species of alien fish. With this, creation ended.

Begin The Fall of Agrilnost.