Kehcpank the mildly deranged. Combat Exarch

The Legion (Galara)
Notable Super Powers
Infinite-range teleporting (self+1 per jump), Clericy Powers, Flying, Acid Claws
Kehcpank is a Myconid (Galara) with Black Dragon (Galara) parts grafted onto his body. Each arm has a set of three 12-inch acidic claws that can retract entirely into his arm. His skin is covered over almost entirely with black dragon scales, and he usually wears a helmet made from a black dragon skull.
Kehcpank is an ex-hero who hates the destruction that "enemy forces" bring upon his friends and their friends, and he takes it upon himself to stop all such enemy forces. His willingness to take the fight to the enemy makes him a terrible Myconid, but quite the hero to most other humanoids within the Legion. He is, however, fanatically loyal to Gulik, and Gulik is often able to keep him from acting too rashly.