The fall of Agrilnost comes after The Lords of Creation

The world could not remain at peace, and soon, Thrael'kriss struck the first blow. He created fish to prey upon the creations of Ueberroth, and so became the Lord of Death. Ongor then, angry at the death of his Purple Worms at the claws of Thrael'kriss's Primordial Bulletts created decay, and so became the King of Souls, trapping the spirits of the dead in the center of the earth. Then a new diety appeared, Myxiniron, the Queen of Darkness, Lady of Undeath. She brought forth Oozing Shadows, creatures born from tortured souls. Agrilnost, envious of his children’s creations, unleashed Hydras upon the world. Then, like a spark to a powder keg, Khadesh, Lady of Fire and Queen of Daemons was born. Agrilnost, furious, lashed out at the newborn god. Khadesh fled, escaping Agrilnost deep within the earth. In retaliation, she twisted Agrilnost's Hydras, turning them into the first Daemons, the greatest among these, was Bael. Horrified by the creation of the Daemons, Ongor captured Khadesh and turned her over to Agrilnost. As Agrilnost attempted to murder Khadesh, Thrael'kriss arrived. Furious at the interference of his offspring, Agrilnost promised to deal with Thrael'kriss latter. He then fell upon Khadesh. In a rage, Thrael'kriss struck out at Agrilnost, and slew the deity. Ongor condemned the action, and swore retribution, Adahan begged for peace, and Thrael'kriss was unrepentant.

Begin The Re-forming of the World.