This page details the classes that supported by the lore of the Chaos Within setting. The classes listed are from The Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition game, unless specified. The entries listed here only state how the class is different from its D&D origins, any info that is missing from a class entry can be considered to be exactly the same as how it would in the officical D&D Setting.

Martial Classes Edit

As all martial classes come from vigorous training of one's own body and no outside power sources, all martial classes (Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Warlord) can be presumed to have the exact same lore and game mechanics as their original versions.

Arcane ClassesEdit

In Chaos Within, all magic comes from the indidivual tapping into the energy of "Mana" that resides within them and spending it to create wondorous effects. Mana is generated by one's soul and replenshes rapidly. If one spends more mana then they possess, the body compensates by ripping the soul apart and converting into mana, often killing the caster in the process. Other power sources tend to break these rules in small ways whilst the Arcane Power source sticks rigidly to these laws.

Divine ClassesEdit

Not much can yet be said about divine classes, as the only beings currently shown to be capable of being a member of these classes are Guardian Angels.

Primal ClassesEdit

Primal Classes are caused by the primal spirits enacting one of five ancient bonds with an indidivual, lending their power to that indidivual. In return, the primal spirits are protected by that indidivual and cannot be consumed whilst a member of a primal class is nearby.


Barbarians are created by primal spirits creating the Bond of Rage with an indidivual, filling them with the primal urge to destroy and take revenge on those who commit atrocities to nature.


Druids are created by primal spirits creating the Bond of Fate with an indidivual, creating a desire to have control of the elements and one's destiny and to never be helpless, like the spirits consumed by the Soul Eater were.


Seekers are created by primal spirits creating the Bond of Hunt with an indidivual, deepening all mortals desire to challenge themselves and take on the strongest beasts of the world.


Shamans are created by primal spirits creating the Bond of The Mother with an indidivual, empowering mortals with the yearning to guide their packs in the right direction and speak more freely with the spirits then all others.


Wardens are created by the primal spirits creating the Bond of The Father with an indidivual, empowering mortals with the will to protect their pack and stand before them, guarding them from harm.

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