Ongor, on rare occasions, can manifest himself in the mortal world as a creature of unimaginable strength and power.


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Statistics BlockEdit

Avatar of Ongor Level 38 Solo Soldier

Gargantuan Elemental Humanoid (earth) XP 170,000

Initiative +26 Senses Perception +34, tremorsense 20

Heavy Feet aura 10; landlocked enemies treat as difficult terrain; airborn enemies are pulled 20 feet downward whenever they enter or start their turns in the area.

Magma Core aura 5, while bloodied; enemies take 20 fire damage.

HP 1,408 Bloodied 704

AC 48; Fortitude 46, Reflex 44, Will 44

Saving Throws +5 (solo)

Speed 8; burrow 8

Action Points 2


Diamond Flail (standard; at-will)

reach 4; +35 vs. AC; 4d10+15 and target is pushed 5, knocked prone, marked until the beginning of the avatar's next turn, and dazed (save ends).

Adjacent enemies take 1d12+15 damage and are marked until the beginning of the avatar's next turn.

See Threatening Reach and Double Attack.

Double Attack (standard; at will)

The avatar makes 2 Diamond Flail attacks.

Threatening Reach

The avatar can make opportunity attacks against anyone within reach of his Diamond Flail.

Crush (standard; at will)

area burst 2 within 4; +33 vs. Reflex; 2d10+15 damage and target is marked until the beginning of the avatar's next turn and dazed (save ends).

Earthslide (standard; at will)

area burst 2 within 20; +31 vs. Reflex; target takes 13 damage, slides 10 and is restrained (first save reduces to [I]immobilized[/I]; second save ends).

Miss: target slides 2.

Eruption (standard; recharge 5, 6)

area burst 2 within 10; +31 vs. Reflex; target takes 6d12+13 fire damage, is knocked prone, takes ongoing 20 fire damage, and is blinded (first save reduces to 10 damage and ends blindness; second save ends; any failed save deals 10 extra damage).

Magmal Blood (bloodied only)

Anyone who strikes the bloodied avatar in melee takes 20 fire damage and is marked until the beginning of the avatar's next turn.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil Languages: Common, Primordial, Supernal, Deep Speech

Skills Athletics +38, Endurance +39, Religion +37, Intimidate +37, Insight +34

Str 38 (+33) Dex 24 (+26) Wis 30 (+29)

Con 40 (+34) Int 36 (+32) Cha 36 (+32)

Avatar TacticsEdit

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Avatar LoreEdit

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This will change and adapt as we progress. This is only the current fluff.

Ongor created his Avatar to guide mortals in a war.