Archis atropal of disease

Information BlockEdit

Name: Archis

Alignment: Evil

Appearance: Disgusting like the rest of his siblings, but Archis was probably the worst. Still looking mostly like an underdeveloped embryo. He still had a yolk sac, half encorporated into his body, now filled with vile fluids and parasites. With his huge maw he is able to vomit this bile as a breath weapon. His right side has developed normaly but his left side was underdeveloped, with no arms and a short redundand second tail.

Just below his torso, his viscerae would hang outside his body, like tentacles.

Purpose: Archis is an Exarch who grants a +1 bonus to combat


Archis and Ascari are born from the same embryo, which split up during development. However, there was only one yolk sac, and it remained with Archis after they split. Therefor, Ascari had to leech nutients from Archis, causing them to develop a different morphology, even though they are twins.

The two of them would often interwine with each other, becoming the single creature they should have been, with there two developed tails becoming the double tail the other two sibling have.