The Age of Mortals comes after The Re-Forming of the world

Ator, the god of conflict, created the Rakshasa, and drove the Lycans of plane to Sha'Thrina. The Aventi hadn't developed the idea of territory. They started colonizing the mainland, and the Rakshasa decided to drive them out. By coincidence, a king had united the Aventi for the first time. Outraged at the attack on Aventi settlements, he mobilized to war, enlisting the lycanthropes to their aid.. The Aventi are creations of Tzu'misel while the Lycans are Thrael'kriss. Then Adahan killed every living thing for a few seconds to break his way out of a prison, then trying to force them all back to life again drew the ire of the trinity and was held on trial, and ultimately destroyed. Defluo broke free form Ator and Lazarus was created from Ueberroth. The Illithids and Aboleths now worship Lazarus and are helping the Aventi and Lycans against the Rakshasa. Begin the second major war.